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10 May 2014

Living Your Gift(s)

When it is time, you will want to ask yourself what do you want to do in life to feel that glorious sense of accomplishment. Because there is benefit to living your gifts.

We all born with certain gifts. In a sense, we are all gifted. Some of us have one thing some, have the others. All in different fields and directions. This is why, comparing your ability with others is a mistake.  Instead of realizing your own unique gift(s) and ability, you are busy feeling jealous towards others unaware of what you can and being gifted to do best.

What can you do?

What is it you can do well and enjoy doing?

What is it, even if it's one thing, you do best and people are in awe whenever they get to see your work?

Find that thing within you and 'work it'.

Take advantage of what you know you do best and steer your wheel towards that direction.

Utilising your ability rather than forcing yourself into something you have no interest in. Keep money aspect one of the factors you use to determine your action, not the ONLY factor.

Find your path.. let your passion flows.


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29 March 2013

The Ups and Downs, How Focus One Should Be, and Gifts To Random Strangers

Have you ever been so down? Are you thinking right now how and what you could possibly do to turn things around? Are you in some sort of situations where you can't quite tell anyone about, yet in so much need for a helping hand? One thing I can tell you is this; life seems to be all about ups and downs.When things get rough, you kind of ask yourself if there's ever going to be any more 'ups' moment. When that thought come, the only way you could hang on, get by, and eventually get out of whatever difficult situation you might be in right now, is to surrender completely to the only One that is able. When we do that, we focus on Him and way forward, not the problems.

I had a talk with my husband today about how focus one should be, when one find him/herself in trouble. He said the focus should be like when we are driving with the speed of exactly 75 MPH. It is hard to maintain the exact speed all through the journey and keep pressing on, because it needs your full attention.. because it can be dangerous to even turn your eyes away from looking ahead for only a second.. but that is exactly what we need to do, that is how focus we need to be, to get to where we want to go.

This past few years has taught me so much and all the lessons learned are incredibly awakening. Along the way, I find so much joy, understanding and meanings in more things than I could ever imagine I would 5 years ago. I see thing as is, see people as who they are and a lot of times it sadden me. In the process of trying to live, some of us became what we say we wouldn't be. We trade our clear conscience with things in life that doesn't really count.

Inspired by one of the messages on tylerperry.com, 'We Can Do Better', I am now on a mission. I want to do something special, I want to focus on the possibility.. the positive impact of action. I'm spending hours today making these packages from scratch and I am posting ALL of them to random addresses all over the map.

I uses giftastranger.net to randomly picked addresses just to make sure I'm making people's day without any special preferences. I made them all myself and hope whoever gets them will be happy. I know life can be such a pain sometimes, and it happens to everyone of us once in awhile. Hang in there, you are not alone.

God is able. Peace.

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08 March 2013

You are Not a Victim

I woke up this morning and prepared myself to send my boy to school. It usually takes us about 12 minutes walk to reach school everyday. In good days, as in bright, dry and not-so-cold days, walking my son to school is good exercise, but to day we have foggy-rainny weather to deal with. By the time I opened the front door, we looked out the foggy and drizzle scenery, I told my son; "You better walk fast.", while debating with myself whether or not I should take umbrella along. I somehow brushed the umbrella idea off to the side and off we went for our routine walk.

We weren't even half the distance before the rain changed from drizzling to pouring. At that point we couldn't do anything else but kept on walking. My son was wearing coat with hoody attached, so that came in handy. I, on the other hand, was literally soaking wet! I wear glasses, and people with glasses know how annoying it is to have rain falling on their glasses blogging views and all. My hair was so wet it looked as if I have just finished washing it. I saw the mascara I applied carefully earlier dropped on my glasses and wondered how much more of them on my face, and what a fool I would look like.

After my son was safely sent to school, the rain kept pouring down and I decided to stop by the bus stop on the way back, not because I hope the rain will stop but because I was completely frustrated. Right then, I somehow felt sorry for myself and started blaming it on everything, the rain, the long distance walk, even the fog! But even when I don't want to, I had to accept that had I not being so laid back and leave everything to chances, I would have had my umbrella with me and I would have been home now instead of being stuck by the bus stop.

It's funny how one can be in difficult situation solely by self-inflicted.

Now, being caught in the rain and got all wet doesn't really count as 'a difficult situation', but it is a small version of bad decision making, a good example of how things can go wrong when we are not well-prepared for things ahead.

In this case I wasn't a victim, I was the sole cause of the problem.

I talk about rain so much in this post, but it is not at all about rain itself. I share with you a small stuff in life that could change your view as a whole. It is important, where possible, not to look at ourselves as a victim but the very person who can write a whole new page of life however you want your life to be. It is only then we can understand where exactly the problem lies and be able to deal with it sensibly start from within ourselves.
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02 March 2013

Kindness: The Most Beautiful Human Traits There is

I am one of those who would promote 'kindness' as one of the most important human traits any day. Not because I want to be looked at as a good person, it has nothing to do with me, as in, it is not about 'me'. I simply agree with practicing the acts of kindness however small, because there will always be people out there who fight hard battles.

Through observation, I see how much we need kindness in our lives and couldn't quite understand why would it be something so hard to come by if we all needed it so much.

What makes 'kindness' a needle in a haystack?

Putting the obvious aside (selfishness and self-centeredness, to name a few), I wonder if 'fear' can be one of the reasons many people feel reluctant to lend helping hands. Some of us feel uncertain whether or not they should do good or be kind. As strange as it sound, I remember one day long ago when I willingly kept a door open for one very old woman to go through, all she did was given me a look that says; 'what do you think you are doing?', then finally say; "That's alright, you go first.". That was quite an awkward situation stem from pure good intention. What worst was that it left me feeling somewhat guilty for ever tried practicing random acts of kindness. It is as though, I have somehow offended her ability to do things for herself.

For some reasons, we are being stripped off trust we have to give others. We feel we might be looked at as weak, incapable, or powerless. Slowly, we unconsciously gave up hope that the world could actually be a better place to live in and settled for I-am-enough-for-me, and I-don't-need-anybody's-help attitude.

How about 'envy'? This traits pretty much, in itself, prevents some of us to see any good things good deed brings. Envy and jealousy are selfishness dressed in ugly clothes. In nature, envious people leave little room for other people's capability to demonstrate love and kindness, and definitely will not demonstrate love and kindness themselves. Not because they don't believe there is such thing as 'kindness', but they insist on maintaining their tainted minds and that is all that is important to them.

 Whatever the case, wouldn't it be a good idea for all of us to slow down a bit on judging others and give them the benefit of the doubt? Wouldn't it be nice to open up our hearts and see for yourself how good life could be when we embrace love and kindness from ourselves and others? After all, since on our own we are all vulnerable to whatever good or bad circumstances and situations tomorrow brings, we might as well pay it forward, see kindness goes round and amazingly boomerang back to us. That way, together we create a new world filled with fresh perspective, trust and new hopes.

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26 February 2013

Capitalize on the Good

During the past few years, I was given the opportunity to study people in a way I wouldn't have been able to if I were not here. Going through challenges of being far away from home, from what I use to, from my 'comfort zone', I realized how difficult life can be, both at general level and all the other specifics. I've faced with the worst kind of people, had to live with their attitude and rotten minds. I've also experienced the best kind, ones that has never failed to amazed me by their kindness. What do I learn from them all? One thing... to 'capitalize on the good'.

Being happy derives from the mind. Like radio, the mind radiates emotions. Unhappy, negative people is always unhealthy to be with, even for a short while, the same way thoughtful, loving people is wonderful and emotionally therapeutic to be with. Whenever they pay it forward, it goes round and forms beautiful circle of goodness. I 'tab on' this stream of goodness and life has been beautiful so far.

This is, not to say that 'capitalizing on the good' washes away all my problems. It simply makes me look at them in a brighter light and be so much more positive. When I stop thinking of only myself, I have more time and energy to go about dealing with things that are really important.

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22 December 2012

Getting Out of 'Vicious Circle'

Have you ever find yourself in the situation whereby nothing seems to work out? Is it often suspiciously hard to move forward, impossible to go backward, and you find yourself in the fix right at the middle of things lately? If so, it make sense to take a look first 'within' you and see if the real problem rooted there. After you've checked, if nothing found, it might be a good idea to look around and see what is there.

Things are not always very obvious. Most time, when you look at things or people with your eyes alone, you either see what you want to see, or what others want you to see, when in truth, we are living in a much more complicated world with so much more complicated fellow human beings who's, individually, owns specific mix of traits emotionally. Some people wake up every morning feeling refreshed, they are contented and energized by positive mind, while some, being fueled with negative emotions, be it greed, anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, self-obsessiveness, etc, they feel defeated all day long. Do you find yourself in the midst of this latter type of people? They are not always easily identified, but it will help you greatly to take note of these traits to see if you are right in the middle of the wrong circle.;

  • Compulsive liar: Negative mind creates unreal image for themselves as they don't like what's going on in their lives in reality and not ready to make any effort to change it. For example, they can tell you on the phone that they are at work while in reality, unemployed and only lying down in bed at home surfing the net. They will tell you how their kids are being useful in the house, when in truth, they are the ones doing dishes, laundry, and all the house works without being offered any help. etc. They go on and on with lies after lies they can't remember all of them and often make mistakes exposing themselves.
  • Selfish: It is never a good idea to be anywhere near selfish people. They can not and will not add up to your life in any shapes or forms. Their motto is; 'it is me, myself and I.' Their interests are the most important and yours are a no-no. They don't want to see anyone moving forward and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Unlike most traits, selfish people are quite easily identified. They are ones who have nothing to offer and never hesitate to show it. 
  • They bring bad luck: Some people with serious jealousy and envious rooted within carry bad spirit wherever they go. With or without knowing it, they make things harder for other people in various ways and circumstances. Be very careful in giving personal information out. Bad spirited people are known to use whatever they know to harm you.
If you find yourself in the midst of one, two, or all of the above kinds, you are in the 'wrong circle'. Get yourself out of there as soon as possible. Make sure you do not accept or take anything from them. Just run for your life. The longer you stay, the harder it will get to set yourself free from negativity. 

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03 September 2012

Lifting Those Who Fall

'If another believer is overcome... help that person.' Galations 6:1
It's okay to confront somebody you believe is in the wrong, but not with a self-righteous attitude. When church leaders insisted a woman '...caught in the act of adultery' be stoned (John 8:4 NLT), Jesus replied, '...let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone' (v. 7 NLT). Ouch! One Christian author writes: 'Are we aware of other people's mistakes because they confided in us, or have we appointed ourselves the 'moral police' to justify examining the blemishes in everyone else's behaviour? Is your goal to restore prodigals, or do you have a hidden agenda to elevate yourself by condemning those around you? I've been confronted twice by other Christians, the first was a red-faced stranger who was furious with me for wearing knee-high leather boots with a short skirt to her church. She called me a 'Jezebel.' The second was a good friend who tenderly pointed out my pride in a specific situation. The name-calling left a bruise on my soul; the compassionate rebuke turned me toward the forgiving arms of our heavenly Father. God alone has the perfect combination of holiness and mercy to stand in judgment of the human heart. The Bible says, 'If another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself.' The only One who was worthy to condemn us, chose instead to pardon us, and in light of our own sinner-saved-by-grace [status]-when the Holy Spirit impresses you to confront someone who's messed up, do it with honesty, compassion and humility.'
Bible in a Year: 1 Chron 4:24 - 5:26Luke 16:1-18Ps 119:105-112?Pr 18:10;
                                       Source: The Word For Today - www.ucb.co.uk
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09 July 2012

The Receiving End

Most times, are you the one talking o listening? Do you lead conversations or just answer questions? Do people wait on you, or are you always being kept waiting? Do people seems to always get their ways with you at your expense? Do you always say 'yes'?

I believe we all have this kind of experience before. Most times, it was out of being thoughtful, conside.rate towards others, or simply being simple minded. Some of us use these rather bitter experience to 'polish' their approach to people and circumstances, while some being cornered time and time again into that tiny, isolated space where nobody interested in sharing.

How come 'being nice' rarely yeild any respect but the opposite? If you ask me, I would say being taken advantage of has nothing to do with you being nice or nasty. Rather, it has everything to do with how do you see yourself while approaching people and circumstances. If you see yourself nervous or fearful, then that's pretty much what others will see as well.

It is discouraging to be on the receiving end, but this does not have to become your life-long struggling. If you've always been one with so much consideration for others that it started to hurt your well beings, it's now time to put 'you' first and leave the rest to fall in place naturally. Here are some tips to get you started;

1) Do your homework; Before dealing with anything, make sure you know all the information needed, eg.  if you are going after freebies using coupons or vouchers, be sure to read through their terms and conditions as in how, when,  and where before hand so that no one can tell you otherwise and leave you looking blur and embarrassed. Understanding how things work or get done clears out any self-doubt and prevents you from giving out unsure outlook.

2) Go out more; give yourself opportunity to get use to handling people and situations. Take chances to practice and improve your overall approach to different scenarios and circumstances.

3) Be a profiler; learn about body language and take time to observe others even before they get to talk or come in contact with you. Remember that people do this very same thing so be sure not to give out too much information through your own body language.

Last but not least, remember that you are trying to balance your life out to be a bit happier, not trying to go on a battle with anyone. The most important thing is you know your worth and confident enough to be your best self. Make sure you never changed into a mean person. A little act of kindness every time is what we all need.
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18 November 2011

Four Christmas Gifts

Christmas is drawing near. I hope all my readers stay blessed and happy. What are you planning on the day? Whatever the plan may be, don't forget to 'be there' for those that matter in your life. Let me share with you this article Four Christmas Gifts from ucb.co.uk for a broader perspective of the day. Merry Christmas to you all! :)

Four Christmas Gifts
It's easy to get caught up in the craziness of shopping, parties, gift giving and family obligations. In fact, it's exhausting just thinking about it all! Imagine however, that when you wakened this morning you found four gifts you'd overlooked and tucked away under the tree. 

You open the first one, and you are filled with an awesome sense of peace you've never known before. 
You unwrap the second, and experience an overpowering love for others - even those who've wronged you. You open the third, and you're infused with a faith that enables you to trust God for anything - even things you previously considered impossible. 
Finally, you unwrap the fourth gift, and receive such grace, that you can handle criticism and hurt without retaliating. 

Sound far-fetched? Not at all! These are the gifts Paul says God wants to give you. Listen: 'May God give peace to you...and love, with faith...May God's grace...be upon all who sincerely love our Lord Jesus Christ' (Eph 6:23 TLB). What gifts! And you won't have to return any of them the day after Christmas: they're guaranteed to last a lifetime. Remember, God's already given them to you - all you have to do is open the packages and start using them.

It's Christmas Day, the day that changed everything. Why don't you take a moment and thank God for all His wonderful gifts - especially for the gift of His Son. After all, without Him you'd have nothing to celebrate. Right?
Bible in a year : Revelation 9-10
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18 October 2011

Christmas Huge Giveaway!

Christmas is just round the corner, and I feel like making people's days. I am giving away almost all the jewelry pieces I made you are seeing on my blog (take a look at the pics below). Anyone from all over the world can participate and I hope you all have a great Christmas guys!














For your chance to win, head over to my other blog here for the details. GOOD LUCK!
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07 October 2011

Quit Complaining

I've watch 'The Pride of Britain Awards' the other night. Story after story of people, young and old, with difficulties or disability, having an incredibly brave heart and strong determination to do or work towards their goals, and one question came to my mind; 'Still complaining?' I've always been living life thinking I'm being well kept from committing sin. I don't kill, I don't steal, I don't do drugs, I don't envy of others for their luck or fortunate life, I don't think of making other's lives difficult for one reason or the other, and so on, but I remembered to have my little chat with God before go to bed that night, thanking Him time and time again for my life, for what I have, and asked Him to forgive me for times I was ungrateful enough to complain so much about little things and refused to see His hands in my life.

Have you ever wonder why complaining is so popular, yet it changes nothing?, Because it only satisfies our own self-centered nature and nothing else. When you complain you are hurting yourself, people around you, most importantly, you’re hurting God. You’re in a sense saying, ‘God you’ve messed it up. You’d a chance to meet my demands but you blew it.’

It is true that we all have to deal with some level of adversity. Be it falling apart marriage, health situation, struggling in career changes, family situation, it all seems unfair and burdensome, but ask yourself this; ‘Am I a complainer?’ Think long and hard before answer since it’s hard to see yourself as one, but if God reveals complaining as a problem in your life, accept it and turn away from it while you can.

We all know how having a grateful heart makes us feel. We know that if we go about our days fully aware of what we have no matter how simple they are, say, good health, ability to walk, talk, hear, see, think, cook, eat, sleep, go to work, spend time with loved ones, go shopping, drive, and the list goes on, we would be so busy thanking God for His kindness. The problem is, we often take what we have for granted and see only what we don’t have. The remedy is this; allow yourself to be reminded. Look around and see for yourself, even the tiniest things, what God has already put in place for you, be open and positive for the things to come. It is very important to acknowledge God's goodness in our lives. Remember, God is at work in your life and He has abundantly to give.

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30 September 2011

Stop worrying

We all worry sometimes according to how life goes. It seems unavoidable and nagging, but for our own peace of mind, we need to get rid of worry and be on top of it altogether. Here are useful guidelines to help you do just that;

1. Define your worry; What exactly that is making you worry. Be clear and specific. In most cases, when you have that clear in mind, it is easier for solutions or ways toward solving the problem to surface. 

2. What is the worst case scenario?; Be very honest and think of the worst that could happen. Would you lose money, break promise, lose your job, etc? The truth is, the worst may not happen and even if it does it wouldn't completely ruin you. You may have to start all over again. In some cases, it may leave you wounded and inconvenient. But even then, your worrying now will not in anyway lessen the possible difficulty. 

3. Remember that most worries are only temporary; There’s time for everything. As long as you are living, you will laugh, you will cry, you will be happy, you will be sad and the list goes on. One of the most wonderful things about living is you never know what tomorrow will bring, so be open and positive. You need it.

4. Face your worries; we’re likely to be in denial or avoid facing the worry or problems at hands. Doing that only allow them to weight heavily at the corner of your mind and dragging you down both physically and emotionally. Make up your mind to accept whatever happens, and you’ll find worry loses it’s power over you.

5. Find solution and work towards solving the problem; Do the best you can where you are with what you have. After you’ve done everything in your power, be still and hope for the best possible result from your effort.

6. Do not forget God; Give all your burdens and worries to Him, for He is the creator and the controller of all things. Remember, God is aware of, in control of, and able to bring you through what ever happen to you today. Seek Him.

Best of luck.

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26 September 2011

Are you learning or breaking by life experience?

Winter is drawing near again. Newspapers reported early snow this year. I feel a little down..

How fast a year pass? For me, it's like a blink of an eye. One minute I'm delighted there're so many plans and good ideas, the next minute I felt a little dizzy knowing more should get done. I have learned so much this past few years, so much that I could never be the same person I was before again. I am now capable of a lot, and those that're left untouched only required me to turn and face them squarely and once again, get past it from one to the next.

Even when thing gets tough, rather than feeling down and breaking, I'd like to think I'm getting stronger and smarter. Somehow, We're all being shaped into a better shape and form to better suit the purposes of our very beings. I believe we're being prepared for greater blessings to come. So, with lots of effort, I am trying my best to learn from what comes, and not breaking. So that one day I'll be granted greater peace of mind and blessings.

How about you? Are you learning or breaking by life experience?
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29 August 2011

List Of Cool Lunch Box You Might Like For Your Kids

Summer holidays is coming to an end. I have a long list of things to buy for my little boy before school start (he's going to year1). One of those head-throbbing list is 'lunch box' and even when it sounds simple enough, the choices are so vast in the market today I'm having fun choosing. So I think I should share with you what I've found out there.

The idea is, I really want my boy to eat healthy. I am not a fan of 'sandwich' all through the week (you know, be it tuna, ham, cheese, or chicken, sandwich is sandwich). I am so determine to make his lunch variety. I want to include rice today, macaroni tomorrow, and so on. So I am looking for lunch box with more than one compartment inside. So that's one. Besides, kids should have fun eating, so I'm looking for fun-looking package too. Ready? Here they are;

This bento box has panda bear-shaped face that is super cute in my opinion. It got 2 stacked compartments and has a perfect size for kids school lunch.  It is made of food-safe plastic, and even though the inner lid is not microwave and dishwasher safe, the top and bottom compartments are. I love the fact that it is affordable ($13.85) and it's adorable outlook guaranteed to make my son's day. You can check it out here Kotobuki 280-129 2-Tiered Bento Box, Panda Face

Goodbyn Eco-Friendly Original Lunchbox Kit, Blueberry This is another one I am eyeing. Look at those compartments available! I love the fact that I can just put a bit of this and a bit of that in and Boom!, satisfaction guaranteed! This adorable lunch box is a little over the budget I've set, but I'm still open to the possibility (I can be a terrible impulse buyer at times).

The item includes handle for carrying, reusable 8-ounce bottle, removable lid, and 100's of stickers for personalizing. It has 5 compartments and top drawer dishwasher safe.

Pororo stainless airtight Lunchbox Bento Box Plate BLUE This super cute lunch box make me want to be kid again! The lunch is with a snap on lid. Also comes with matching bag ready to go. The box can also be used as plate at home.

I hope I can make up my mind in time with these lovely lunch boxes. Any suggestions?

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27 August 2011

My 10 Best Favorite Quotes And The Reasons Why I Love Them

90% out of every time I surf internet, I somehow ended up taking a look at good quotes and sayings. Now I think there's some few good reasons for that. For me, feeling good or bad, if I feel like sharing my thoughts on my favorite social networks (of course, Facebook and/or Twitter), I'd look around online for related quotes and BOOM..it's there as my updates. It is not me to input 'exactly', word by word what happened or how I feel. That is a bit too 'revealing', at least, in my view. So, YES, I am a fan of some good reads, and thinking I should share my 10 best favorite quotes and the reasons why I love them with you. Here they are;

Dr. Seuss
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." — Dr. Seuss
The reason: Despite the fact that the quote is truely sad, it contains the unavoidable truth of life. I can feel the bitterness as strongly as it's sweetness.
Malcolm X
"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." — Malcolm X
The reason: This is the hard truth that if we don't learn by other's mistakes or experience, we will learn it the hard-miserable way.
 Bob Marley
"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for." — Bob Marley
The reason: The day I read this quote I thought, 'How true!'. I really love the tone the quote gives out, a little sweet, a bit bitter. Just like life ifself.
 Bob Marley
"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." — Bob Marley
The reason: I have always thought of Bob Marley as a very free minded individual, and the word 'freedom' popped up in my head every time I hear or think of Bob Marley. This quote of his just somehow clarifies it. 
 David Sedaris
"If you're looking for sympathy you'll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary." — David SedarisBarrel Fever: Stories and Essays
The reason: I love that this quote is so funny and straight to the point. A really good thing to remind myself when 'self-pity' want to show it's ugly face.

Albert Einstein
"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." — Albert Einstein (The World As I See It
The reason: Basically I love everything that reminds me of God's presence. It helps me be intouch with the very fact and stay hopeful.

Mohandas K. Gandhi
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win." — Mohandas K. Gandhi
The reason: I love good fighters. Ones that would fight with dignity diligently, without giving up. So, thumb up for this quote.
Martin Luther King Jr.
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." — Martin Luther King Jr. 
  The reason: The hardest part of being a responsible human being is to stand up for something regardless. I've written in some of my posts about this. I wish all of us luck of getting over useless 'other people's opinions' and get serious with your lives. Regardless. 

Eleanor Roosevelt
"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do." — Eleanor Roosevelt
The reason: Just think this quote is so true. Keep this in mind and I feel a lot more relax any given days.
Martin Luther King Jr.
"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." — Martin Luther King Jr.
The reason: Another great truth. After all being said and done, enemies will be the last person we care to think about no matter what bad they did to us, but 'friends'?... 
That's my '10 Best' quotes of all times. Give me another chance, and I'll pick them all over again. Let me know what you think, feel free to leave comments. I'll reply them all. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate you.
Until next time.  

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