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22 October 2010

Thoughtful or Too thoughtful, which one are you?

Are you a thoughtful person?
If 'no', why?
If 'yes', how does that make you feel?
When you are being thoughtful, does that make you happy or miserable?

It is interesting to know how hard finding the balance for your life can be, especially when you allow the involvement of others so much into your life.

Am I saying one should be mean and cut off from the world?

I guess not.

I think I even try to see to it how us human beings can live life in an easier frame of mind. Maybe.. just maybe.. if we set our priority and our mind right, our 'being thoughtful' might be more reasonable and less pathetic. Maybe it is only when we come to the realisation that we do not have to please everybody, should we be truly free and happy.

Just maybe..
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10 October 2010

Music Heals

I've been talking about simple ways to be happier, it is so unlike me not to talk about  this very thing I love so much, 'music'. I appreciate arts. Any form.. you name it, poems, painting, drawing, jewellery composing, dancing, etc, ...and of course 'music'. Arts make this world meaningful. They allow us to see things deeper and appreciate things around us so much more. I also learn from experience that music heals. Good music keeps my heart alive. I love ones that are well-composed, instrumental and sweet. I don't mind if I don't understand the language as long as they sound good. My favourite ones would be Korean, Thai and (of course) English.

I'll list some of my favourites here. Listen to them and let me know how they make you feel. Also it would be great if you would list the ones you love in the comment box (give me the links). Let me know why do you like them, I'll get back to you with my opinions ;)

Here they are;

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