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08 November 2010

Spoiled kids..What are they made of? (Parents, is your best try the right try?)

As a parent, it is only natural to desire the best of everything for our children. What is worth taking a closer look at though, is how we define 'the best' when it comes to giving and disciplining them.
I've seen kids who are very picky with food, I've also seen kids who keep thinking of food every single minute of their days, I've seen kids who complain about every tiny bit of every thing, I've seen kids who do not lift a finger and help out around the house, I've seen kids who would trick and lie to people time and time again just to have their ways, kids who stomp their feet walking up the stairs and slam shut their bedroom doors when they are told to do something they don't want to do, kids who would say 'no' to every single thing their parent says, and so much more.
What are the causes of their bad behaviours and unpleasant manners? Were they born with it? Is someone or something encouraged and enforced it into their lives? Is parent's effort to give their children the best turns out to be an empty and somewhat disappointing try?
The parents are the one holding the key to that answer.
One example is A mother who gives every penny she has for her children's selections of snack in her cupboard. Despite the fact that there's no food for the adults, no soaps in the bathroom, and no electricity in the house, the cupboard is filled with dozens of yogurt, cup cakes, juice, and cheese. It is her kids who decide what they will eat in the house. It turns out her kids have serious eating habit problems. One would be extremely choosy with food. It result to her being very thin and can hardly finish whatever portion of food you give her, and the other want to stuff every thing into her mouth any day any time, she simply can't stop thinking of food. They would appear to others as very greedy and at the same time, picky with what they would eat.
If this is not giving a very clear picture, allow me to make another try.
An eight-year-old who is never given any chance to do any task around the house. She doesn't have to dish her own food, wash her own plate, tidy up after play, she doesn't even have to turn off the shower after she finish using it(yes, she will just let the water keep running and walk out of the bathroom). The result? She appear to be restless. She would jump around, climb here and there, and complain all day long of her has nothing to do and is so bored. From time to time she would make up stories and tell lies just for the sake of it's exciting effects and reactions she might get from it.
Being around or having to deal with (so called) 'spoiled kids' can be devastating. But before we even think any further negative thoughts, it is only fair to bare in mind that 'it is not their false.' Somewhere along the line, out of their parent's best tried(in the wrong way, I might add), their bad traits have been encouraged and as a result, the kids formed their characters based on that root. To simply put it, kids do not get spoiled by themselves, somebody makes them.
So parents.. Is your best try the right try?



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