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11 December 2010

Enjoy the freedom

I've been away for awhile and been constantly asking myself what can I possibly contribute to your being a bit happier. It was a tough question and leave me blank for something that felt like eternity. I am really serious about sharing happiness to anyone cares enough to listen, so what I came up with this time is simple yet real sweet to the soul. 

I have been pondering on the idea of us sometimes having to do what we don't want to do or totally up against. With principle, believe, and strong will we all have our stand about things that we hold value close to our hearts and so it incur unhappiness to face the difficulties of standing firm by your principle. We feel we might hurt others  or cause conflict and we wonder why is it so hard for others to respect us as an individual? 

While you prefer peaceful atmosphere and silky-smooth relationship with others, you need to ask yourself (over and over if need be), what is it that you need to give up for that? Your believe, your principle, your will, your self-respect, 'yourself', or all those combine? Will you be able to afford it? 

We are created equal and we have our lives to live. We are blessed to be free. This life that we have, we are truly blessed to like, love, do what we want to do and be passionate about something or someone.Do not think of this kind of difficulty as part of your unhappiness. Work towards strengthen your will, stand even stronger by your principle, and your believe. Remind yourself each day the truth that 'you are FREE' and that such blessing is your birthright that nothing and no one can ever take away from you but yourself. Enjoy the freedom this life give you and respond to the world's commanding voice with ease and confident. You will make decisions by yourself, for yourself as you see fit with your best judgement. Any other things does not have to matter.
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