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22 September 2010

Exhibition of Fireworks

Colourful lights, colourful lights
Especially beautiful in the night
Different patterns, different style
Telling their stories in just a short while

Colourful lights, colourful lights
Dancing round in the starry night
Dreamlike patterns for admiring eyes
But they are there only for a short while

It is true that all of us love fireworks. It's magical moment makes us want to believe, if only for one second, that life can be that beautiful. We take our time to look at them one after the others hoping the show will never end. Hoping the moment would last forever. 
But we do know too well to believe so, don't we?
Magical moments never last so long.
It's existence would last long enough just for us to know they exist, but not enough for us to hold on to forever. 
It's existence would count it's own time and soon vanished.
So what are we going to do about that fact?
Remember to cherish and value those moments, those people, those things that are important to our hearts.

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