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06 November 2010

Tips on how to deal with a quarrelsome colleague

In working environment, we tend to meet different people of different backgrounds. With a little (not-so-good)luck on your side, you might find yourself with a very difficult-to-work-with colleague. It is probably the most vital thing for you to know how to deal with them for your own mental well being. Here are some tips you might find helpful;

1. Be positive: When you are being positive, it radiates outward. Your colleagues and people around you will automatically notice the energy and find it hard to not be friends with you, let alone quarreling.

2. Know your job inside out: Knowing what you are doing and what you're suppose to do workwise reduces, and some times even eliminates, the risk of getting yourself into any argument or conflict. Quarrelsome colleagues often look for opportunity to proof you wrong, once they failed to find false on you at any time, they will be forced to back off.

3. Focus on your work: Instead of crowding your mind with the quarrelsome colleague, keep reminding yourself the main reason why you are going to work every single day. Wether it is because you love your job, you want to earn a living, or you want to grow and later seek higher position availability, and focus on that. Let your mind and body work together to get your jobs done. You will find yourself being amazingly happy.

4.Understand the reason: Difficult and quarrelsome people have their issues. Often, they're being as they are to avoid, hide, or satisfy the very issue they have. There's nothing you can really do about it. It is also not personal. Whenever the argument takes place, do not take it to heart or feel like a victim. As long as you do your job well and are positive that you are right, try to understand them as who they are and remind yourself there is nothing personal. That way, you will be calm enough not to waste your time and energy on something that is not at all worthwhile.

Dealing with a quarrelsome colleague can be easy if you see the person throughly and understand the reason behind all the conflicts. Being positive and understanding is the key to a happy working life even with a quarrelsome colleague nearby!

Good luck.

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