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07 November 2010

Jewelry Making: Passion That Can Make You Money

I know I'm a little off topic this time since this blog is mainly about life and happiness, but take a closer look at it, hobby or passion too is one of those things that make life worthwhile, so here it is; 
Jewelry making is one of the useful 'time-killing' hobbies. I came across this hobby of mine several years back and enjoy it ever since. The joy that comes from creating beautiful things and see people wear them is worthwhile and rewarding.
Making Jewelry Saves You Money
Jewelry making as a hobby is nothing complicated. It does not necessarily involve expensive courses, or pricey jewelry supply. In fact, you will even find this hobby useful, since it could save you money and make you feel good about yourself. You make you own jewelry, so you don't have to spend your money on jewelry pieces anymore. Rather than buying present, you can also give out the work of your hands to your love ones for special occassions.
Get Started
I did not take any jewelry making classes. What I do mostly is to look at handmade jewelry pictures. They give me ideas as in how it's been done. They also give me an idea of what and how many jewelry supply to buy. After gathered all the designs I feel like making, I will do some research on suppliers (check out this supplier-->http://www.firemountaingems.com) and products they offer before I actually buy them. The most important thing of this 'do-it-yourself-learning' is that you need to keep learning. Read all the step-by-step instructions, watch all the video tutorials, and try to apply the knowledge to your jewelry pieces. It might sounds like a hassle, but as long as jewelry is your passion, you are likely to successfully make your own few pieces in the process.
Hear Some Comments
Given yourself some times, it is likely that you'll find yourself with quite a few pieces you've made. Try and give some of them out to friends and love ones as a present and hear what they have to say. You need to know what you make is 'good enough' or 'need some works on' before move on to the next step of selling them elsewhere.
The Next Step
You've been practicing for a while, and your pices look better and better! Why not go on to the next step? Selling jewelry pieces you've made is fun. You will love it knowing that people wear jewelry pieces you make on their every day life, or better yet, on special occassions! Before thinking of having your own web store, or even store front for your pieces, selling them onhigh traffic volumn website is a good start. Try do some research on several websites and see which website you would like to put your jewelry pieces on (I sell mine on ebay and it's been great experience.). Doing this gives you an opportunity to see what's it like selling online, see how people like your specific kind of jewelry, and of course, make you some money. Whether or not you will want to take it to the next level of having your own web store or store front is now totally up to you.
Good Luck!

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