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20 January 2011

Beware of Self-Righteousness

I've came across this reading from 'The Word For Today' and think it's worth sharing. Feel free to let me know what's your opinion too. Here it is;

Beware of Self-Righteousness

'...you who judge others do these very same things.' Romans 2:1
A woman looked out of her window every morning and commented on 
the dirty laundry on her neighbour's line. One day she noticed it was 
sparkling clean: 'Maybe she's using a new detergent,' she remarked. 
'No,' said her husband. 'I got up early and cleaned our windows.' 

Hello! When Paul talks about '...greed, hate, envy, murder, 
quarrelling, deception...gossip' (Romans 1:29 NLT), it's tempting 
to think it doesn't apply to you. 
Then he says, 'You are just as bad...you...do these very 
same things.' Maybe you've never embezzled money, but have you 
ever short-changed somebody? Or taken an 'iffy' tax deduction? 
How about when you're stuck in traffic, or you overhear some juicy 
gossip? Phil Yancey says: 'Murder and adultery differ from hatred 
and lust only by degree...Paul reserves his most scathing comments 
for self-righteous people...A Pharisee of Pharisees, he knew 
the pattern...the danger that accompanies a feeling of moral superiority. 
Just as denial keeps you from seeing a doctor about a lump or 
lesion...denial of sin leads to worse consequences...I accepted 
a speaking engagement from some Christians involved in 
Twelve-Step Programmes...As I pondered what to say...it occurred 
to me that what recovering alcoholics confess daily-personal 
failure and the need for grace...represent high hurdles for 
those of us who take pride in independence and self-sufficiency. 
Romans 3:10 NKJV says, '..."There is none righteous...' and God's 
grace is the only solution. It comes free of charge, apart from the 
law and...human efforts towards self-improvement...we need only 
hold out open, needy hands-the most difficult gesture for a 
self-righteous person.'

Source: The Word For Today.


Anonymous said...

I love this extract. It speaks volumes about the nature of being a true Christian. Sometimes it's easy to isolate yourself, feeling convinced that you're safe and sorted in your comfort zone. But God calls us to be a light unto other people and it's hard to be a light when you shut yourself away completely.
How else can others come to know about God except by us breaking down the shield and illusion of self-sufficiency and self-pride? It's how we live and the way we love others unconditionally, even those that seem difficult to love, that sparks the curiosity in people to find out more. It's when we show them that we too are weak but that we have a faithful God to depend on that they can see where our strength lies.
This post was really encouraging to me. This message seems to be cropping up in my life lately and I'm still trying to work on allowing God to shine through me. The knowledge is all there but it's taking the step and laying it all out that's never so easy.

Roy Durham said...

great post, howdy just drop by to say thank you for being one of my first followers. i hope to repay your kindness. if you read you will see how. thank you and god bless

Tak-Thitima said...

You are very welcome, Roy. I'll surely go back to your blog as I've been there and it was different and interesting. Have a lovely day!


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