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05 January 2011

When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just go ahead and do what you know is right?

Living in the world, we have over million things to consider. Why is that?

If I do this what will happen to this person?, if I do that what would this person think? Are we being thoughtful or simply can't decide where we stand? What would be the risk or rewards of your action when it comes to do the right thing concerning YOUR OWN LIFE?

Go ahead and do what you know is right. Life is too short not to.


Jinnia said...

Takie, this is such a great post! Thought-provoking. It's true we have so many things to consider when making decisions. Sometimes we just have to go for it so we don't stay stuck in the unhappiness. I love that chart, it says it so well.

Jinnia said...

Nice new look for your blog!

Takie said...

Jinnia,Thanks for your comments. Sometimes I just ask myself the question. It gives me the courage to take control of my own life.

CCSVI Cancun said...

Yes really new blog!! and nice blog


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