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25 March 2011

'People User', are Born Losers

False friends are worse than open enemies - Proverb

It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company - George Washington

“The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie” - Ann Landers

Ever wonder since when you've ever done anything so bad that you've received evil for the good you've done? 

I for one, get that a lot and, for crying out loud, what the heck is wrong with them?! Most of the time I blame myself for 'being nice'(and what is wrong with that?.. seriously?!) and underestimate human's ability to 'deceive', and oh! how I hate 'finger pointing' and the too-popular 'blame game'! In general, I still think most people are nice, but damn!, I just know too much of the opposite type these days. 

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that I make jewelry (besides, I surf a lot so I know loads of great useful stuff online), and so for that reason, someone came along and try her luck on me. The trick was like, oh! you are my friend and I want us to do business together, then at the end of the day, she can't help but showing her true color and true intention that she want me in so she could use my knowledge on jewelry making and building online store for her to, at the end, take all the credit and dump all the blames available on me (I have so many more of these kind of people around). 

The amazing thing about these people is, they are just 'full of it'. They don't know much about anything, but they will talk as if they are the one inventing everything ever work in this world. Every time they talk, I shake my head thinking 'what a loser' they are (you know I don't use the word 'disgusting' a lot, but yeah.. they are DISGUSTING!).

So 'PEOPLE USER' if you are reading this, this is no place for people like you. You should be asham of yourself and go hide somewhere. 

For those who was used, or 'are' used right now, wake up and toughen up. Being good has limit and you are not to be looked down on by any users (or you can call them 'born losers'). They are 'not cool' and not going to be useful in your life. Kick them out of your circle and you'll find yourself a lot happier.


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24 March 2011

What does birthday means to you?

It was my birthday a few days ago (22 March) and, as expected, it wasn't a 'big-time party' matter, which as a matter of fact, is the way I like it. My husband is super sweet, and since my mum is far away, I've only got to talk to her on the phone. Knowing that she's healthy and fine is what I wouldn't trade for anything else. So overall, Yes.. I'm happy.

Apart from being a year older, I am proud to say I've learned a lot throughout the year. I'm amazed by how us human beings are in action.. good side and bad, and by that, I'm growing stronger. I came across nice people, also the really 'nasty' ones. I noted that with smiley face, doesn't necessarily comes genuineness, which is really hard for me to comprehend at first, but now my brains learn to digest the fact effectively. 

Anyways, what I mean to say is, for me, birthday is as good as it can get when those who matter in my life are well and happy. Because it is only then, that I will be happy too. 

How about you? 
What does birthday means to you?
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01 March 2011

Jewellery and Me

What can I say? I fell in love! I've been making jewellery and I'm in love with it! 'Give it some thoughts' today is not about love nor life, just my beloved hobby. :) Have a look at my new pieces I am able to come up with for the past week. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Note: They are available to buy on my online store, SATHEM JEWELLERY. ^^

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