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26 September 2011

Are you learning or breaking by life experience?

Winter is drawing near again. Newspapers reported early snow this year. I feel a little down..

How fast a year pass? For me, it's like a blink of an eye. One minute I'm delighted there're so many plans and good ideas, the next minute I felt a little dizzy knowing more should get done. I have learned so much this past few years, so much that I could never be the same person I was before again. I am now capable of a lot, and those that're left untouched only required me to turn and face them squarely and once again, get past it from one to the next.

Even when thing gets tough, rather than feeling down and breaking, I'd like to think I'm getting stronger and smarter. Somehow, We're all being shaped into a better shape and form to better suit the purposes of our very beings. I believe we're being prepared for greater blessings to come. So, with lots of effort, I am trying my best to learn from what comes, and not breaking. So that one day I'll be granted greater peace of mind and blessings.

How about you? Are you learning or breaking by life experience?
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