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08 January 2011

No regrets

It has never occurred to me I would write about my father. Not intentionally, but without knowing it, my holding him dear to my heart present me absolutely no reason to put into words how important he is to me in my life. But for some reason, I feel I should share with you where I am today after all said and done.

I've lost my beloved father, and even when ten years passed, his place in my heart will never be replaced by anyone else. Wherever he might be right now, I will forever be thankful for this presence in my life and all the memories of him I cherish. The sadness that was extreme at first, it is now manageable. The fact of life itself brings about certain understanding I can no longer ignore and as a result grow stronger and more grateful. I no longer think of death as 'the end' but the beginning. The transformation of oneself as to step into a new territory. The starting point of journey of those who's left behind to move past grieve to understanding, acceptance, and finally grateful for wonderful memories we're allowed to keep dear to our hearts for as long as we live.

To this day, I am constantly being reminded of the importance of my love ones. Being given the opportunity to love and to be loved is a blessing, and I am using each and every day of my life to complain a little less, listen a little bit longer, and care a little more. This way, no matter when all will come to an end, there'll be little or no regrets.

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