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24 March 2011

What does birthday means to you?

It was my birthday a few days ago (22 March) and, as expected, it wasn't a 'big-time party' matter, which as a matter of fact, is the way I like it. My husband is super sweet, and since my mum is far away, I've only got to talk to her on the phone. Knowing that she's healthy and fine is what I wouldn't trade for anything else. So overall, Yes.. I'm happy.

Apart from being a year older, I am proud to say I've learned a lot throughout the year. I'm amazed by how us human beings are in action.. good side and bad, and by that, I'm growing stronger. I came across nice people, also the really 'nasty' ones. I noted that with smiley face, doesn't necessarily comes genuineness, which is really hard for me to comprehend at first, but now my brains learn to digest the fact effectively. 

Anyways, what I mean to say is, for me, birthday is as good as it can get when those who matter in my life are well and happy. Because it is only then, that I will be happy too. 

How about you? 
What does birthday means to you?
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