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10 April 2011

Are you being the best you? [or are your parents forgotten?]

Most of us find ourselves striving to be the best we can. We try to do our best at work, we try to look our best at parties and functions we attend, We give it our best effort to be 'somebody' in the society one way or the other, but are you really, really being the best you for the ones who's truly and unconditionally love you?

Lately I have, here and there, opportunities to see how some of us can completely take their parents for granted. With their parent's love and effort to raise them up with good education as well as making sure they don't lack anything until they're capable of taking care of themselves, this type of people do not look back. Their parents become too annoying and too troublesome to be close to.

Are you one of this kind?

Are your parents, now that they're old, become a burden for you?

Do you feel annoyed and do not pick up the phone when they call?

Are you living a few minutes drive from their home, but still your parents don't get to see your face even once in 6 months?

Do you often say to yourself; 'I can't be bother.', when it comes to any matters concerning them?

WISE UP! You are heading to the wrong direction.

What is the point of you being nice to anyone else at all when you can't be even half-nice to your parents? 

What is the point of you donating to charity or tithing 10% of your income to church when you can't go to your parent's place and cook for them once in while or just to take them out for a walk? 

What is the point of you to even exist at all if you fail to identify the very people who made that very fact ever possible?

Like any other fact of life, your parents, no matter how much they love you, they will not be with you in this world forever. If you don't know.. YOU ARE FORTUNATE to still have them with you today. Cease the opportunity. Time is precious. Make them feel loved and appreciated. Little things you do mean so much to them, so start today before it's too late.

Be the best you.

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