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18 April 2011

Does Your Countenance Need Help?

David said, 'They looked unto him and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed' (Ps 34:5). Lighten up! Get a spiritual face-lift! Don't just give your children orders; smile while you're doing it. If your husband or wife works in a difficult environment, make sure they don't come home to more of the same. Smiles are like thermostats; they set the temperature and determine the climate around you. Joy is infectious. How people see you determines how they'll treat you. Who wants to be with somebody who looks as if they'll bite your head off at any moment? Learn to smile; it opens doors and hearts. It causes others to relax and lower their guard. It says, 'I'm happy to be with you.' A well-known Bible teacher recently wrote, 'One morning in the shower God said to me, 'I wish you'd smile when you're talking to me.' At 6:00 a.m. I didn't feel much like smiling, but I tried it anyway. I thought, 'I'm glad nobody sees me doing this.' But when I did it, I immediately felt better. Then God reminded me of the words, '...joy cometh in the morning' (Ps 30:5). Suddenly, I realised that when my eyes open each morning - joy is right there with me. All I have to do is activate it and operate in it all day long. The decision comes first - the feelings follow. That's how it works.'
Bible in a year : Isaiah 46-48 & Ephesians 4

We all need to remind ourselves this once in a while, just so that we're a little bit happier. Don't you think?

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