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26 April 2011

I just want to thank 'You'

Often in life especially when things are tough, we have a long list of 'why..?'

'Why me, Lord?'

'Why this thing happened to me, Father?

'Why can't I just be happy, Father?

..and the list goes on.

I think that pattern just get a bit too boring because as much as I feel like beating myself up over some matters, I still can't forget how healthy I am. Even as I feel completely overwhelmed by some issues, I still have it at the back of my mind 'it is not the end of the world'.

If we try and see on the brighter side, I believe we will see something.. that something that we are grateful for. Our parents that love us unconditionally, our good health, our opportunity to wake up everyday and know that it is a new day, a new beginning with endless possibilities, the little things that our eyes can see-our ears can hear that are beautiful and soothing to the soul, our Father who've created us and is watching over us with love and compassion.

So I am trying out a new thing, a new trend I think should be cultivated as a habit, to give thanks. To be grateful for this life I have even when face difficulties or riding on emotional roller-coaster.


  • thank you for this life I have
  • thank you that I am healthy 
  • thank you that you've created me with love 
  • thank you that you love me regardless of anything
  • thank you that because you've created me, I am accepted the way I am
  • thank you for giving me a loving-caring parents
  • thank you for giving me my husband and my son
  • thank you for the gifts and skills you've placed in me
  • thank you for blessing the work of my hands
  • thank you for the opportunity to love and to be loved 
  • thank you that you keep my mom healthy and happy
  • thank you for the plan you have for me and my family
  • thank you for the opportunity to learn many useful lessons through this life you gave me
  • thank you for this eyes that I can see
  • thank you for this ears that I can hear
  • thank you for this hands that I can use to make, encourage, support, raise, cook, write, hold, ...
  • thank you for this legs that I can walk, run, drive, ...
  • thank you for listening to me and ease my pain
  • thank you for all of my accomplishments and ability to do all the things that you allow me to do
  • thank you for answering my prayers
... and the list will go on and on.
When we give thanks our heart filled with love knowing that we're loved and accepted by the One that is really matter to our lives. It will help ease the pain, and encourage us to move on with a little bit more cheerful perspective.

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