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04 July 2011

Pass it on

We went to highstreet to grab a few things this morning. The parking zone was packed my DH just couldn't find any space to park. So we roamed about the place for a while. Then this man who parked at one of the spaces before came out of his spot and purposely used his car to block one other car so our car can park in his place. By the time we parked finish, the same man reversed his car and drove to the side of our car and handed us his parking ticket saying the time stamp on it was until 12 o'clock (it was around 10:30am at the time). We were so amazed at how nice some people can be.

I and my DH, we did the shopping seperately and he went back to the car first. By the time I went back, his car was already out and there was another car parking there. Just before I reach the car, a man who came out of that car walking towards me and the highstreet looked at me, nodded his head and said "thank you". I also noticed one old lady smiled to me while I walked pass. By the time I got in the car I just knew what my DH has done. He "pass it on" the same gesture of kindness the other man did for us.

It wasn't a lot, it didn't cost any money, but how good it makes you feel? Priceless.

Pass it on people.

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