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07 October 2011

Quit Complaining

I've watch 'The Pride of Britain Awards' the other night. Story after story of people, young and old, with difficulties or disability, having an incredibly brave heart and strong determination to do or work towards their goals, and one question came to my mind; 'Still complaining?' I've always been living life thinking I'm being well kept from committing sin. I don't kill, I don't steal, I don't do drugs, I don't envy of others for their luck or fortunate life, I don't think of making other's lives difficult for one reason or the other, and so on, but I remembered to have my little chat with God before go to bed that night, thanking Him time and time again for my life, for what I have, and asked Him to forgive me for times I was ungrateful enough to complain so much about little things and refused to see His hands in my life.

Have you ever wonder why complaining is so popular, yet it changes nothing?, Because it only satisfies our own self-centered nature and nothing else. When you complain you are hurting yourself, people around you, most importantly, you’re hurting God. You’re in a sense saying, ‘God you’ve messed it up. You’d a chance to meet my demands but you blew it.’

It is true that we all have to deal with some level of adversity. Be it falling apart marriage, health situation, struggling in career changes, family situation, it all seems unfair and burdensome, but ask yourself this; ‘Am I a complainer?’ Think long and hard before answer since it’s hard to see yourself as one, but if God reveals complaining as a problem in your life, accept it and turn away from it while you can.

We all know how having a grateful heart makes us feel. We know that if we go about our days fully aware of what we have no matter how simple they are, say, good health, ability to walk, talk, hear, see, think, cook, eat, sleep, go to work, spend time with loved ones, go shopping, drive, and the list goes on, we would be so busy thanking God for His kindness. The problem is, we often take what we have for granted and see only what we don’t have. The remedy is this; allow yourself to be reminded. Look around and see for yourself, even the tiniest things, what God has already put in place for you, be open and positive for the things to come. It is very important to acknowledge God's goodness in our lives. Remember, God is at work in your life and He has abundantly to give.

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