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09 July 2012

The Receiving End

Most times, are you the one talking o listening? Do you lead conversations or just answer questions? Do people wait on you, or are you always being kept waiting? Do people seems to always get their ways with you at your expense? Do you always say 'yes'?

I believe we all have this kind of experience before. Most times, it was out of being thoughtful, conside.rate towards others, or simply being simple minded. Some of us use these rather bitter experience to 'polish' their approach to people and circumstances, while some being cornered time and time again into that tiny, isolated space where nobody interested in sharing.

How come 'being nice' rarely yeild any respect but the opposite? If you ask me, I would say being taken advantage of has nothing to do with you being nice or nasty. Rather, it has everything to do with how do you see yourself while approaching people and circumstances. If you see yourself nervous or fearful, then that's pretty much what others will see as well.

It is discouraging to be on the receiving end, but this does not have to become your life-long struggling. If you've always been one with so much consideration for others that it started to hurt your well beings, it's now time to put 'you' first and leave the rest to fall in place naturally. Here are some tips to get you started;

1) Do your homework; Before dealing with anything, make sure you know all the information needed, eg.  if you are going after freebies using coupons or vouchers, be sure to read through their terms and conditions as in how, when,  and where before hand so that no one can tell you otherwise and leave you looking blur and embarrassed. Understanding how things work or get done clears out any self-doubt and prevents you from giving out unsure outlook.

2) Go out more; give yourself opportunity to get use to handling people and situations. Take chances to practice and improve your overall approach to different scenarios and circumstances.

3) Be a profiler; learn about body language and take time to observe others even before they get to talk or come in contact with you. Remember that people do this very same thing so be sure not to give out too much information through your own body language.

Last but not least, remember that you are trying to balance your life out to be a bit happier, not trying to go on a battle with anyone. The most important thing is you know your worth and confident enough to be your best self. Make sure you never changed into a mean person. A little act of kindness every time is what we all need.
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