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26 February 2013

Capitalize on the Good

During the past few years, I was given the opportunity to study people in a way I wouldn't have been able to if I were not here. Going through challenges of being far away from home, from what I use to, from my 'comfort zone', I realized how difficult life can be, both at general level and all the other specifics. I've faced with the worst kind of people, had to live with their attitude and rotten minds. I've also experienced the best kind, ones that has never failed to amazed me by their kindness. What do I learn from them all? One thing... to 'capitalize on the good'.

Being happy derives from the mind. Like radio, the mind radiates emotions. Unhappy, negative people is always unhealthy to be with, even for a short while, the same way thoughtful, loving people is wonderful and emotionally therapeutic to be with. Whenever they pay it forward, it goes round and forms beautiful circle of goodness. I 'tab on' this stream of goodness and life has been beautiful so far.

This is, not to say that 'capitalizing on the good' washes away all my problems. It simply makes me look at them in a brighter light and be so much more positive. When I stop thinking of only myself, I have more time and energy to go about dealing with things that are really important.



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