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29 March 2013

The Ups and Downs, How Focus One Should Be, and Gifts To Random Strangers

Have you ever been so down? Are you thinking right now how and what you could possibly do to turn things around? Are you in some sort of situations where you can't quite tell anyone about, yet in so much need for a helping hand? One thing I can tell you is this; life seems to be all about ups and downs.When things get rough, you kind of ask yourself if there's ever going to be any more 'ups' moment. When that thought come, the only way you could hang on, get by, and eventually get out of whatever difficult situation you might be in right now, is to surrender completely to the only One that is able. When we do that, we focus on Him and way forward, not the problems.

I had a talk with my husband today about how focus one should be, when one find him/herself in trouble. He said the focus should be like when we are driving with the speed of exactly 75 MPH. It is hard to maintain the exact speed all through the journey and keep pressing on, because it needs your full attention.. because it can be dangerous to even turn your eyes away from looking ahead for only a second.. but that is exactly what we need to do, that is how focus we need to be, to get to where we want to go.

This past few years has taught me so much and all the lessons learned are incredibly awakening. Along the way, I find so much joy, understanding and meanings in more things than I could ever imagine I would 5 years ago. I see thing as is, see people as who they are and a lot of times it sadden me. In the process of trying to live, some of us became what we say we wouldn't be. We trade our clear conscience with things in life that doesn't really count.

Inspired by one of the messages on tylerperry.com, 'We Can Do Better', I am now on a mission. I want to do something special, I want to focus on the possibility.. the positive impact of action. I'm spending hours today making these packages from scratch and I am posting ALL of them to random addresses all over the map.

I uses giftastranger.net to randomly picked addresses just to make sure I'm making people's day without any special preferences. I made them all myself and hope whoever gets them will be happy. I know life can be such a pain sometimes, and it happens to everyone of us once in awhile. Hang in there, you are not alone.

God is able. Peace.



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