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08 March 2013

You are Not a Victim

I woke up this morning and prepared myself to send my boy to school. It usually takes us about 12 minutes walk to reach school everyday. In good days, as in bright, dry and not-so-cold days, walking my son to school is good exercise, but to day we have foggy-rainny weather to deal with. By the time I opened the front door, we looked out the foggy and drizzle scenery, I told my son; "You better walk fast.", while debating with myself whether or not I should take umbrella along. I somehow brushed the umbrella idea off to the side and off we went for our routine walk.

We weren't even half the distance before the rain changed from drizzling to pouring. At that point we couldn't do anything else but kept on walking. My son was wearing coat with hoody attached, so that came in handy. I, on the other hand, was literally soaking wet! I wear glasses, and people with glasses know how annoying it is to have rain falling on their glasses blogging views and all. My hair was so wet it looked as if I have just finished washing it. I saw the mascara I applied carefully earlier dropped on my glasses and wondered how much more of them on my face, and what a fool I would look like.

After my son was safely sent to school, the rain kept pouring down and I decided to stop by the bus stop on the way back, not because I hope the rain will stop but because I was completely frustrated. Right then, I somehow felt sorry for myself and started blaming it on everything, the rain, the long distance walk, even the fog! But even when I don't want to, I had to accept that had I not being so laid back and leave everything to chances, I would have had my umbrella with me and I would have been home now instead of being stuck by the bus stop.

It's funny how one can be in difficult situation solely by self-inflicted.

Now, being caught in the rain and got all wet doesn't really count as 'a difficult situation', but it is a small version of bad decision making, a good example of how things can go wrong when we are not well-prepared for things ahead.

In this case I wasn't a victim, I was the sole cause of the problem.

I talk about rain so much in this post, but it is not at all about rain itself. I share with you a small stuff in life that could change your view as a whole. It is important, where possible, not to look at ourselves as a victim but the very person who can write a whole new page of life however you want your life to be. It is only then we can understand where exactly the problem lies and be able to deal with it sensibly start from within ourselves.
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