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10 May 2014

Living Your Gift(s)

When it is time, you will want to ask yourself what do you want to do in life to feel that glorious sense of accomplishment. Because there is benefit to living your gifts.

We all born with certain gifts. In a sense, we are all gifted. Some of us have one thing some, have the others. All in different fields and directions. This is why, comparing your ability with others is a mistake.  Instead of realizing your own unique gift(s) and ability, you are busy feeling jealous towards others unaware of what you can and being gifted to do best.

What can you do?

What is it you can do well and enjoy doing?

What is it, even if it's one thing, you do best and people are in awe whenever they get to see your work?

Find that thing within you and 'work it'.

Take advantage of what you know you do best and steer your wheel towards that direction.

Utilising your ability rather than forcing yourself into something you have no interest in. Keep money aspect one of the factors you use to determine your action, not the ONLY factor.

Find your path.. let your passion flows.




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